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3D-WebViewer : Learn more

Read and display online CAD model (iges and step), and also various CAE mesh formats, such as binary or ascii STL, Nastran, PamCrash, .OBJ and others. Everything is on line, nothing to download and install.

Many viewing features are available, such as zooming, camera transformations, attribute settings, show or hide selected faces, transparency, lighting, texturing, etc...

Cad geometry quality analysis and tessellation: Learn more

Our solution offers multiple healing & repairing advantages in order to get automatically a watertigth solid. An intelligent model quality analysis, it detects small gaps, overlaps between faces, lack of accuracy of the limitation curves, etc... It generates an stl model.

It provides a large possibilities to tune the parameters of the diagnostic and the tesselation: Chord error, length of the edges, angle between two adjacent triangles in the same face, etc...

Export the triangulation: Learn more

Multiple CAD/CAE exports (under development).

The history: Learn more

This prototype is in development. Two old guies are working for that. One is experienced whith finite elements computing and open_gl graphic . the other with Cad geometry analysis and tessellation.

The aim is to add more interactivity to get informations about distances, angles, quality, define submeshes and attach properties to them.